Quality as a Service (QaaS)

Quality as a Service (QaaS)

Let’s face it – making good software is hard, we are only human and we make mistakes. Software can be incredibly complex and we can’t always anticipate all the consequences of a change.

We know that, you know that but your customers are not so forgiving. They just need your software to work right, the first time.

Testing and other quality practices are the only way to ensure what the software works the way you intend it to work and your customers are delighted.

Setting up a quality practice is hard too, it requires many different skillsets and tools. Most IT shops are too busy to take the time to jump start a true quality practice.

Many organizations just can’t justify the extra FTEs and once they find funding it is hard to keep the talent.

Projects also never go as planned, sometimes the demand is great and the resources are not sufficient slowing down the development cycle.

Frequently, the Business and Business Analysts are drafted to do manual  testing but don’t have time or the expertise to do it well.

Holding your breathe and crossing your fingers hoping nothing bad will happen with a release is often the reality of quality assurance in many organizations.

A great testing practice takes expertise to make it valuable

  • Business Knowledge- Every business is different, quality needs to incorporate what makes you unique.
  • QA Mindset – Running a few tests is not enough, knowing what to test and when to test is critical.
  • Process – Keeping everyone on the same page, fitting in to your development process and tracking all rely on good processes that are clear and repeatable.
  • Skilled Staff – Experience makes a difference. Every software tool is different and requires different solutions. Having the depth of experience to quickly find the solution is critical to fast development.
  • Test Automation Tools – Manually testing is too slow, automated testing offers quick and thorough testing as often as you need it. One tool will not do the job, a suite of tools is the best solution. We have partnered with AutonomIQ, a leader in AI test automation, to radially reduce test creation and maintenance. 
  • On demand testing and quality assurance can be away out of the quality bind.
  • You supply the knowledge about your business, we supply the rest. 
  • We have highly skilled, experienced staff that can solve your testing and quality assurance challenges.

  • We can partner with you to:
    • Set up comprehensive automated testing suites
    • Advise you on what to test and when to test 
    • Seamlessly fit into you development process
    • Be there when you need us and not when you don’t