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Cloud Transformation 

At C4, we support our clients in their cloud and digital transformation journey by meeting them where they are at. From the early stages of evaluating or piloting cloud applications and services to full data center exit strategies; we have the strategies, expertise, tools, and skilled talent to help you succeed.

We partner with our clients on their journey, not do it for them. The value that clients provide to their customers is irreplaceable.

The cloud, done right, can help businesses move faster, more efficiently, and with increased quality.

There’s no question that Cloud Computing is dominating the technology industry and disrupting business models globally. Cloud Transformation is one of the strategic shifts that can help your organization take advantage of the benefits of cloud giving you agility, scale, efficiency, and value in return. But only if done right. At C4 we have identified what we think are the imperatives or Critical Success Factors that will help our customers realize the value of what cloud computing can bring to their business.


We offer Senior Level
Cloud Strategists and
Architects along with our frameworks and assessments to gauge where clients are at and partner together to achieve desired outcomes.


Our team has deep expertise in implementing and adopting cloud technology as well as operating model transformations for small. medium and enterprise clients as a consulting provider and as a staffing agency.


With the support of onshore and offshore talent, we can optimize cloud deployments, streamline the support model, and safeguard cost-effectiveness for our clients.

The outcomes for businesses are what makes the investment a smart one. Increased automation and efficient scale resulting in lower costs. Integrated and always-on security resulting in a better security posture and overall lower risk.

Cloud Transformation Critical Success Factors

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Security is a Business Enabler


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DevOps at

At C4, we believe in certain ‘cloud success factors’ that are important to achieving desired business outcomes.

It’s crucial that any cloud journey start with the adoption of an operating model and mindset that allows you to exploit the value of cloud services and modern digital frameworks. Cloud allows businesses to move faster, but only if clients change how they work.


Automation is the key to realizing the benefits that cloud computing can deliver: speed and agility, consistency, cost efficiency.  A strong automation strategy, toolset, and pervasive use is also a foundation for DevOps culture.


Closing the gap between development and traditional operations will enable faster development of applications and easier maintenance of existing deployments.


Faster time to value requires that business become more agile and responsive. At C4, we believe that organizations who adopt agile at enterprise scale will accelerate delivery and bring increased value to their customers.


Without a sophisticated security framework, talent, tools, businesses are vulnerable. Clients can run into roadblocks and escalating costs without a tightly integrated security practice that focuses on enabling business. Cloud security is a critical enabler for businesses, as it helps them protect their sensitive data, comply with regulations, improve availability and performance, support digital transformation, and enhance customer trust.


We offer Senior Level Architects along with strategy frameworks and assessments to gauge where clients are at and partner together to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Cloud advisory
  • Business case and
    economic analysis
  • Cloud/Vendor selection
  • Organizational change management 
  • Organizational change management
  • Financial Operations
  • Contract negotiation advising
  • Key architecture decisions
  • Choosing the right operation model


Implementing cloud is both a technology change and an operating model change. Our team has years of experience implementing and migrating to the cloud for small, medium and enterprise clients as a staffing and consulting provider.
  • Application rationalization
  • Building centers of excellence
  • Shift from projects to products
  • Foundational networks
  • Workforce and delivery transformation
  • Security essentials
  • Data Center exits and migration
  • Creating enterprise platforms


With the support of onshore and offshore talent we can optimize cloud deployments and make the support model streamlined and cost effective for the client.
  • Billing
  • Showback and Chargebacks
  • Right-sizing your  deployment
  • Optimize
  • Automate 
  • Scaling (up/down)
  • Manage costs
  • Automated and intelligent cloud operations 

The C4 Difference: Built on a foundation of integrity, honesty, and quality, we bring both depth and experience to solve your most pressing business and technology challenges at a cost-effective solution that you will not get from another partner in the market.