Business Value Of AI Webinar Panel Discussion

Mar 30, 2023 12:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to transform businesses and industries, but understanding its true value can be a challenge. Join us for a webinar panel discussion featuring industry experts as they explore the business value of AI.

At C4, we support our clients in their Artificial Intelligence journey by focusing on the business value that AI brings. Adopting AI is complex and demands a strategic approach that guides the tactical implementation in
order to create real business value. From the initial build phases to scaling, to evolving AI to everywhere status; we have the leadership, experience, staff, and tools to partner with our clients and shepherd them to success.

Organization’s AI Journey:

As organizations embark on their inevitable digital journeys, sooner or later they find it desirable (or necessary) to leverage advanced technology to create and sustain a competitive advantage. That advantage might take the form of; reduce costs due to scale, personalize offerings at scale, create new products or services, and exploit (or make) new markets. That process will inevitably end up incorporating some of the many forms of Artificial Intelligence.

 How C4 can help: 

 There is a maturity journey for organizations adopting AI, and for most industries that means they are either at the “Build” (just getting started) stage, or the “Scale” (growing and maturing AI within their organization) stage. 

Some of the challenges for the “Build” stage are: 

  • Defining a realistic vision for AI. 
  • Creating a COE Center of Excellence with the right skills and capabilities. 
  • Selecting the right technology tools & platforms, and partners. 
  • Achieving buy-in across the organization (c-level to front line). 
  • Identifying and capturing the right opportunities (use-cases) for AI. 

Some of the challenges for the “Scale” stage are: 

  • Identifying, designing, and delivering robust AI across a range of different functions. 
  • Including AI as a key part of the wider Digital Transformation program. 
  • Designing and implementing for maintainability, performance, monitoring, security, and scale. 
  • Managing change, failure, and ongoing optimization and performance improvements. 
  • Gaining organizational wide acceptance and appreciation that automation is beneficial and long term. 
  • Ensuring the right levels of governance and oversight are provided. 

We at C4 have the experience, resources, talent, and vision in the AI space to help our customers leverage it to achieve real business value in their digital journey.